Astrology & Past Lives

Your past lives are something you can find out about by
various means but one of the most straight forward is by
looking at your birth chart. However, to do this you will need
your time of birth and details from your birth chart.
Within your birth chart are the planets (and angles, e.g. Ascendant or Rising Sign), the
signs and the houses. The planets show what part of your character is influenced, e.g.
the Sun is your internal self.

The signs show how the influence is expressed, e.g. Aries will be competitive and
impatient, and the twelve houses show the area of your life that will be affected.

The First House starts at your Ascendant or Rising sign. This is the time of your actual
birth and represents your basic personality and physical attributes. However, if you go
backwards round the chart from the First House (and therefore back in time) the next
house is the Twelfth House and one of the areas this represents is your past lives.

Click on the chart above for a larger version to see how this works.

By looking at the sign on the cusp (beginning) of the Twelfth House it is possible to
ascertain the type of past life you had immediately prior to this one and the method of
your passing.

Note that your gender is not set and you may have been male or female in a past life
regardless of your gender in this life.

Aries - past life as a soldier, warrior or surgeon - death by fire, blade, war or accident

Taurus - past life working the land or collecting money - death by hanging or connected
with the neck

Gemini - past life as a journalist, speaker or a pickpocket - death by suffocation,
consumption/lung problems or as a child

Cancer - past life as the head of a big family, a mother of many children or a sailor -
death by drowning or in childbirth

Leo - past life as royalty, an actor or someone famous - death through heart or back

Virgo - past life as a nurse, caring for others or as a nun - death by starvation, famine or

Libra - past life as a diplomat, judge or courtesan - death through the legal system, due
to overindulgence or alcohol

Scorpio - past life as a dark healer (witch), working using secret means or sex - death
through crime, vengeance or violence

Sagittarius - past life as a teacher, philosopher or traveller - death for speaking the
truth, in foreign lands, or for a cause

Capricorn - past life working to gain self-made riches, as a monk or a cripple - death by
over work, a hard life, or old age

Aquarius - past life as a scientist, revolutionary or working for the good of humanity -
death in a group, by electricity or explosion

Pisces - past life as an artist, psychic, healer or dedicated to religion - death for beliefs,
through an overdose, or alcohol
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