Spirits who are not part of a physical form may become guides and so they could be from
very ancient times. I know of someone who had an ancient Egyptian spirit guide but for
most of us they are probably not that glamorous! Our spirit guides are not there to tell us
what to do which is why they are called
guides and many people do not realise their
guides are helping them. Luckily our spirit guides do not get cross with us or give up if we
don’t hear them because our lives are ultimately our own, we are in control of our own
destiny. This may sound contradictory but if we decide to live our lives without following
any guidance we can certainly do so.

Spirit guides contact us in various ways and the most common is through our
Have you ever wondered why something or someone enters your dreams or even your
waking thoughts out of the blue? It may be your spirit guides communicating with you. It is
your choice whether you listen or not or take any action, but ultimately you will
experience what you need to either within this lifetime or the next. Each lifetime is chosen
to be a specific learning experience. If it doesn’t happen in this lifetime it will happen in a
subsequent one until the required learning has been achieved. If you ever feel that
you've been in a situation before it may well be that you have in a previous life but you
never learnt what was necessary so have come back to try again.

Discovering who your spirit guides are may not be an easy task. I was lucky enough to
just be aware of mine but another way is to visit an experienced
                   . They are
able to receive messages from your guides and pass them on to you in a way you will
hopefully understand. A good clairvoyant will be able to describe the guides you have
with you, although this will not necessarily confirm to you who they are.

Most people are unaware that they have spirit guides but it makes sense that we should
endeavour to listen to their advice which is not just for the benefit of our spiritual side but
for the very practical physical side of living happily. But although getting messages from
your spirit guides that are clear and meaningful is not easy, you will find that you are
being guided gently throughout your life whether you notice it or not. Try looking back
over the events in your life that have changed the path on which you were heading as
this may point to the special form of guidance and help you get from your spirit guides.

Many forms of
               use                        to channel the healing energy, for example
Reiki. And spirit guides are often recognised when meditating or when your mind is
relaxed and open, like just before you fall asleep or as you wake. So keep a note of any
names, personalities or faces you become aware of at these times as this may give you a
clue as to who your spirit guides are. And once you find out who they are remember to
make good use of their guidance. After all, the reason they are there is to help you when
you need it the most.
Mind, Body & Spirit - Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides from the spirit world are able to watch over the learning
process of your spirit in this life and give guidance, but not instruction.

Everyone has spirit guides. Whether you believe in them or not, you
have them. They are not necessarily relations who have passed away
but can be anyone from any era or any race of peoples.