The following horoscopes are based on the position of the planets and the Moon in
relation to the Natal (or birth) Sun when it is in each sign. This means that the horoscopes
are relevant to all people born with the Sun in that sign.

The interpretations depend on the aspect each planet makes to the Sun e.g. opposition,
conjunction, trine etc. As each planet moves into aspect with the Sun it is called

Because each planet takes a different time to orbit the Sun the aspects for the faster
moving planets (like Mercury and the Moon) will repeat themselves regularly throughout
each month. Slower planets (like Neptune and Pluto) may not be aspected to the Sun at
all in a month.

This means there will be repeated information for the faster planets, more than for the
slower planets. The influence of the slower planets has a greater affect as it lasts for a
longer period of time and is infrequent. With the influence of the Moon only lasting a
matter of hours for each aspect, it may not have any real effect for the majority of people.

Also, although all people with the same Sun sign share the same basic horoscope, the
positions of the other planets in their individual birth charts will be different. Because of
this, certain planetary aspects will affect some people more than others depending on the
rest of their birth chart.

Keeping a note of how you feel each day may help in pinpointing a particular aspect
interpretation that affects you more noticeably. This can help you to make the best use of
that influence when it occurs again in the future.

All dates used are in the format DAY/MONTH/YEAR.