Virgo Gemstones

I have selected the Astral gemstones based on the characteristics
of each Sun sign. However, if you do not identify strongly with the
characteristics shown, it may be that the Sun is not the main
influence in your birth chart.

In this case I would suggest that you check out the other signs and
choose the gemstones for the characteristics you most identify with
or wish to enhance within yourself.
Virgo Characteristics - practical, responsible, sensible, logical, analytical, precise,
punctual, dedicated, perfectionist, critical, introverted and health conscious
Primary – Carnelian
I have chosen carnelian as the primary gemstone for Virgo to encourage positive
expression of the Virgo characteristics. Carnelian promotes action, courage and
helpfulness. It stops confusion and protects from envy, fear or criticism. Carnelian also
cleanses and purifies which is highly important for Virgo. It opens the heart, lifts emotions
and provides perceptiveness. Carnelian gives much warmth, enhanced passion and
desire, which compliments the traditional characteristics of Virgo. Creative energy,
personal power and physical energy are also enhanced by Carnelian. It also provides
grounding whilst meditating and is said to combat impotence.

Secondary –Snow Quartz
Snow quartz (also known as milky or white quartz) helps with mental concentration,
wisdom, tact and co-operation. For Virgo this gemstone provides some necessary energy
in promoting purification, hope, support, help with mental stress and protection against
infections. For health conscious Virgo this is all important. Snow quartz also gives a
feeling of child-like innocence or femininity and encourages good fortune. It is very useful
for meditation and is a peaceful, harmonising gemstone.

Opposite – Amethyst
Amethyst is a calming gemstone promoting spirituality, concentration, inspiration and
emotional stability. It is very useful as an aid to meditation and provides happiness, peace
and contentment. Amethyst is also useful in combating addictive habits and for Virgo this
can be obsessive compulsive disorders due to their search for perfection. Amethyst is
said to be good for enhancing intuition, psychic ability, telepathy, clairvoyance and
communication with angels. For Virgo it is important to open up to the spiritual side of life
to complement their natural logic. As well as helping with lucid dreaming Amethyst also
controls nightmares and other sleep disorders. This is the primary gemstone for Pisces.