Scorpio Gemstones

I have selected the Astral gemstones based on the characteristics
of each Sun sign. However, if you do not identify strongly with the
characteristics shown, it may be that the Sun is not the main
influence in your birth chart.

In this case I would suggest that you check out the other signs and
choose the gemstones for the characteristics you most identify with
or wish to enhance within yourself.
Scorpio Characteristics - intense, determined, powerful, magnetic, bold, forceful,
mysterious, secretive, psychic, introverted, strong-willed and penetrating
Primary – Citrine
I have chosen citrine as the primary gemstone for Scorpio to encourage positive
expression of the Scorpio characteristics. Citrine is good for reducing self-destructive very
intense and becoming self-destructive can be a problem. Citrine promotes opening up
and discussing thoughts and feelings with others and because of the secretive nature of
Scorpio, this is very useful. It can also help to penetrate problems and find a solution
which is something Scorpio finds is a necessity. Citrine reduces extreme emotional
sensitivity, dispels negative energy, calms, soothes and helps combat depression by
bringing a more light-hearted feeling. It is good for entrepreneurs as it helps with
completing tasks and it brings financial success through achievement without focussing on
materialistic possessions. Citrine is also thought to increase psychic power.

Secondary – Unakite
Unakite is the gemstone of reconciliation and helpful for those who are unable to comfort
others or receive comfort themselves. It provides emotional balance which is very helpful
to Scorpio which is an intensely emotional sign. Unakite encourages you to let go of past
hurt and move on with your life. It is considered important for all heart problems, emotional
and physical. Unakite provides grounding and promotes higher spirituality. It helps to heal
in the areas of the reproductive system and stimulates healthy pregnancy. It is also
thought to help diagnose elusive illnesses and help get to the root of any problems.

Opposite – Rose Quartz
Rose quartz encourages unconditional love, trust, fidelity and harmony. This can be very
beneficial for Scorpio as it encourages them to love in a more general way without the
deep emotional attachment they crave. This is a stone of gentleness, forgiveness,
compassion, kindness and tolerance which is important for Scorpio as they find letting go
difficult and revenge seems to come naturally to them. Rose quartz can help to raise self-
esteem and remove fear, resentment, unreasonable guilt, negative emotions and anger. It
can provide reconciliation after disagreement and promote romance and sensuality. Rose
quartz also encourages fertility and is thought to be protective during pregnancy and
helpful through childbirth. This is the primary gemstone for Taurus.