Cancer Gemstones

I have selected the Astral gemstones based on the characteristics
of each Sun sign. However, if you do not identify strongly with the
characteristics shown, it may be that the Sun is not the main
influence in your birth chart.

In this case I would suggest that you check out the other signs and
choose the gemstones for the characteristics you most identify with
or wish to enhance within yourself.
Cancer Characteristics - introverted, reserved, sensitive, sympathetic, domestic,
maternal, protective, moody and home-loving
Primary – Moonstone
I have chosen moonstone as the primary gemstone for Cancer to encourage positive
expression of the Cancer characteristics. Moonstone promotes intuition, empathy, depth
fertility in women by balancing internal hormone cycles. Moonstone reduces aggression
and calms overreaction to emotional situations. Cancer is prone to being overly protective
in nature which can come across as aggression and they are also very emotionally
sensitive which can cause moodiness. Moonstone is said to enhance psychic gifts,
increase clairvoyance and encourage lucid dreaming. It also brings good fortune.

Secondary – Moss Agate
Moss agate prevents stress and promotes trust, confidence, tolerance, communication
and an appreciation of nature. For Cancer building trust is very important as well as open
communication, especially where emotions are involved. Moss agate improves self-
esteem, balances the emotions and helps you to let go of anger and bitterness. It is also
said to help when starting anew or with the acquisition of new friends or riches. Moss
agate has been used to lessen pain during childbirth and is generally connected with
growth so is good for those in horticulture or gardening. It has been used in the art of
"cloud-busting" to bring rain and has a strong connection to the earth.

Opposite – Snowflake Obsidian
Snowflake obsidian allows the appreciation of mistakes as well as success as both provide
valuable lessons. For Cancer this is useful as they can find mistakes are emotionally
draining and depressive. Snowflake obsidian also helps to combat destructive thought
patterns and provides positive energy against depression. This is a very protective
gemstone that brings good fortune and luck. Snowflake obsidian is useful for balancing
mind, body and spirit. This can really benefit Cancer as they are very sensitive and may
hide from the spiritual side of life. Snowflake obsidian is also thought to protect against
nightmares, curses and spells. This is the primary gemstone for Capricorn.