Marilyn Monroe - Gemini

(model, actress, singer, screen icon)


Marilyn Monroe (real name Norma Jeane
Mortenson) was born 1st June 1926 Los
Angeles, California, USA.
Marilyn did not know her real father and she lived with foster parents until the age of 7.
She then lived with her mother who suffered a breakdown and Marilyn was then brought
up in an orphanage.

To escape the orphanage she was married at 16 to James Dougherty. They divorced 4
years later when he returned from service in the Merchant Marines in World War II.

She began modelling and her acting career slowly followed. At the age of 20 she changed
her name to Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn frequently turned up late for filming which caused endless disputes. Despite being
mostly cast as a dumb blonde, in reality she was anything but dumb, being witty, intelligent
and talented, but also vulnerable and self-conscious. When her acting career was starting
to take off some nude photos taken when she was struggling for work appeared in
Playboy magazine.

At the age of 25 Marilyn married baseball star Joe DiMaggio. On their honeymoon to
Japan she went to Korea to entertain the troops. Marilyn’s fame and sexual image became
a problem for the couple and she divorced Joe 9 months later. However, they remained
good friends.

At the age of 30 she married the playwright Arthur Miller. During their marriage Marilyn
had a miscarriage and less than 5 years after the wedding they were divorced.

Marilyn appeared in 30 films and won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy for
her performance in Some Like it Hot.

There has been much speculation about her romantic life and she has been linked with
President Kennedy. In one of her last major public appearances she famously sung Happy
Birthday at his 45th birthday celebrations.

During her life Marilyn suffered bouts of depression and some resulted in hospitalisation.
She died on 5th August 1962 aged 36 from a drug overdose. There are many conspiracy
theories about a cover up surrounding her death.

Astrology - Marilyn Monroe was not what she seemed to be so you would expect to see a
strong Neptune or some Pisces in her chart. This could also indicate the use of drugs to
escape from the real world.

The Ascendant or rising sign (your appearance, how you are seen) is in Leo which
indicates Marilyn’s natural acting ability, her confident performance and glamour.

The Sun (your personality, how you experience life, your essential energy) is in Gemini in
the 11th house and this shows her need to be around other people for constant
stimulation and to avoid being alone.

The Moon (your instinctive natural reaction, moods, habits and your mother) is in Aquarius
showing unusual and unpredictable reactions and eccentricity when dealing with everyday
problems. This position of the Moon also indicates the mother being detached or not

Mercury (your mind, intellect, communication, learning, mischief and criminal activities) is
in Gemini in the 10th house and this is Marilyn’s public face through communication and
also showing the childlike quality that helped to make her famous.

Venus (your relationships, love, affection, harmony and sociability) is in Aries making
Marilyn very easily influenced by the attraction of the opposite sex. An early marriage is
probable as well as childish tantrums. With Venus conjunct her Midheaven, a career in
beauty, the arts or singing is indicated as well as feminine sex appeal seen by the public
and influencing her career.

Mars (your physical energy, initiative, action and how you get what you want) is in
mysterious Pisces which means Marilyn needed love, romance and fantasy. With Mars in
the 8th house she probably had a powerful sex drive and used her appearance of
vulnerability to get what she wanted.

Jupiter (your belief system, expansion and also representing the world of publishing) in
Aquarius in the 7th house indicates lots of marriages and older, successful spouses.
Being conjunct with the Moon gives exaggerated behaviour, possibly due to the absence
of her mother.

Saturn (your limitations, lessons to be learned, the key to your career, professional
performance and your father) is in Scorpio in the 4th house showing a restricted home life
due to no father being there. This position also gives a feeling of being emotionally
deprived or unwanted during childhood.

Uranus (your power to invent the new, desire for change, originality and unpredictable
behaviour) is in Pisces in the 8th house. With Uranus in the 8th house of death and being
conjunct the fixed star Scheat, this influence is sadness, cruelty, misfortune and sudden
death by suicide.

Neptune (the collapse of your boundaries, mysterious behaviour, elusiveness and
dreams) is in Leo in the 1st house making Marilyn vulnerable to drugs and/or alcohol. With
Neptune opposite Jupiter the influence is for excesses of behaviour involving alcohol or

Pluto (your hidden issues, compulsion and dark side) is in Cancer in the 12th house (your
subconscious and hidden enemies) indicating dying at home. But was it self inflicted?

Midheaven (your career, aspirations, public face and what you become) is in Taurus
giving a connection between her career, voice and singing ability. Taurus is also the sign
of sensuality and this certainly describes Marilyn’s public persona.

7th house (your relationships and partnerships) contains the Moon which is another
indication of marrying early in order to satisfy an inherent need for the emotional support
of a partner.

So was her death suicide or murder? With the 8th house of death in Pisces and containing
Mars and Uranus, her death was sudden, unexpected and an accident. However, with
Neptune in the 1st house and Uranus conjunct Scheat, I would think it was of her own
doing. There are indications that Marilyn had hidden enemies due to her relationships
(12th house ruler in 7th house) but there is not really anything suggesting that her death
was murder.